For CaféCountertops’ Solid Wood Countertops with Oil Finish


Wood countertops are essentially wood furniture which performs beautifully with normal use and care, but which may scratch, dent and show signs of wear under heavy use. Don’t worry! A great feature of wood countertops is that almost anything that could go wrong can be repaired.

Care And Cleaning


Daily cleaning with soap and water usually isn’t necessary. Use common sense during food preparation, of course, but for normal contact it’s best to do less. You might occasionally wipe the surface with a dry or damp towel, but avoid heavy soaking or scrubbing.


About once a week (or as needed), clean the worktop with our Gentle Wood Wash or other mild soap.

Gentle Wood Wash is a unique ph-neutral soap that is specially formulated to care for our Luxury Oil Finish. It is packaged in Concentrate form. You will need a generic 32oz. spray bottle. Add two capfuls of concentrate (1 capful per 16oz.) and fill with water. Shake gently.

Directions for use: Lightly spray the worktop surface, wait a few minutes, and then wipe clean with a clean damp cloth to remove dirt and soap residue. Dry thoroughly. Do not heavily soak the surface with water, and do not use abrasive pads or scrapers as these will ruin the countertop finish. For deeper grime only, add one additional capful of concentrate to soap mix. Use this extra-strength mix for stain removal only and not for regular cleaning.

See reverse side for easy annual maintenance of Oil finishes.

Climate Control

Constantly maintain indoor air temperature at 65-80°F and humidity at 50-60%. In winter, home heating systems may cause wood to be dry and brittle and to shrink. As the wood shrinks, tiny hairline cracks may appear. These harmless cracks are not product defects, but are a normal result of excess moisture loss, and they will usually disappear when humidity is increased or when warmer weather returns. DO NOT use radiant/infra-red heaters near wood tops. These may cause warping and cracking.

Oiling is Quick and Easy!

When should I oil my wood worktop? About once a year or as needed. There is no universal oiling schedule. Some tops might last a year or more between re-oilings, others only for months, especially in dry climates or with heavy use.

The Water Test. When the finish begins to dull and has an uneven sheen, dribble a small puddle of water onto the surface. If it begins to soak in within 15 minutes, it’s time to re-oil. If the water does not soak in, the finish may only need buffing.

We recommend Oiling in the evening so that the oil can dry overnight.


Don’t worry! A great feature of wood countertops is that almost anything that could go wrong can be repaired.

Deep scratches and stains can be removed by sanding the spot with the grey polishing pad in the direction of the woodgrain. Remove dust. Apply oil only in the spot of the repair. Wait 15 minutes, and then wipe off excess as directed above. Let dry overnight, and then blend the wax “halo” around the repair with the white polishing pad. If you also plan to re-oil the entire worktop, wait 7 days for the repair to cure before oiling again.

Problems such as warping and cracking are almost always caused by improper installation or low indoor humidity (see reverse page for common winter-cracks). Sticky surface is caused by failure to wipe away oil as noted above. Blotchy surface is cause by use of improper cleaners or scouring pads. Contact for instructions to fix these common problems and more

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