Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish (Best for Kitchens)
No other wood countertop finish delivers such an effective combination of food-prep-safety and easy, long term care. The rich luster of hand-riubbing showcases wood's natural beauty.

A proprietary blend of food-safe oil and hard natural waxes utilizes the latest in Northern European food-safe finish technology to provide excellent moisture resistance without sacrificing food-prep safety. Our Hand Rubbed Oil Finish block out liquids and dirt whilst (here’s the best part) requiring only easy twice-yearly ongoing maintenance treatments. And, scratches can be easily removed. But, don’t forget; this is our exclusive finish. Mineral oils, tung oils and even “butcher block” oils won’t provide the same convenience and protection.

Super Bio-Coat
Antibacterial and maintenance free! Prior to Super BioCoat’s introduction, no wood countertop maker could offer a coatings-type finish that was antibacterial. Scientific breakthroughs have allowed us to incorporate permanent microbe-killing components into this premium-grade urethane-based finish. However, as with all coatings-type finishes. Super Bio-Coat is difficult to repair if scratched.