Wood Countertops are Food-Safe

Solid wood’s naturally anti-microbial properties are an asset in any kitchen.

Consider the humble ‘butcher block’, the cutting surface of choice for meat-cutters since the Middle Ages. Modern science reveals the intelligence in this selection. Studies by microbiologists at leading US, German and Swiss research institutions prove that solid wood countertops contain naturally-occurring enzymes and tannic acids which can destroy 99.9% of common food-borne illness-causing bacteria.

You may ask, how can wood be superior to non-porous surfaces such as quartz or stainless steel? This is simply explained. While it is true that these materials prohibit organisms from penetrating the worktop, bacteria and organisms may remain on the work surface, where the homeowner prepares the family meal. Only solid wood has the inherent ability to ‘grab’ these bacteria and dispose of them permanently.

In order for this natural process to be effective, CafeCountertops™ proprietary Hand Rubbed Oil Finish is essential. Hardening finishes including lacquers and polyurethanes block wood’s natural antimicrobial advantages. For the ultimate in food prep safety, insist on a properly finished and maintained solid wood worktop from CafeCountertops™, America’s Top Supplier. Made in the United States of America.