Please read all instructions carefully prior to installation.

Solid wood countertops are a form of wood furniture, and must be handled with care. Warping, cracking etc. are almost always a result of improper handling, installation or care. This is so often true that our warranty places the burden of proof on you to prove otherwise in the event of a product issue. Products which have been installed are considered to have been accepted, and in no case does warranty extend to cover dismounting, re-installation or utilities trades. Wood is a natural material. Variations in color and appearance are a normal part of wood’s natural beauty and do not constitute a defect.



Wood tops require sturdy support. 10” max unsupported overhang. 36” max span between supports Additional supports may be needed.


AcclimatizationConstantly maintain indoor air temperature at 65-80°F and humidity at 50-60%. Top should be unpackaged and laid flat on spacers or otherwise positioned to allow air circulation to all sides for a period of time (preferably 24 hours) prior to installation. If the top is unpackaged and immediately installed, the base cabinets act as a buffer, causing the bottom side to lose moisture more slowly than the top, which leads to warping.

Plan For Expansion

Plan For Expansion

Wood worktops expand and contract front-to-back (across the grain). Allow expansion as shown above, or the worktop will crack.



CafeCountertops custom tops are built to order with field joints typically factory-prepared for connecting bolts. Bolts should be snug but not over-tight. Tops without factory field joints may be adjoined by draw-bolts or connecting plates (not included). Fill gap with Silicone only. Do not use glue



Wood worktops can be cut to fit as needed. Sand exposed edges to 120 grit. Seal ALL cut edges with oil per Care Instructions. We recommend 3/16” gap at walls for expansion.



Cutouts located less than 10 inches from worktop end may cause cracking and will void product warranty. Seal all cut edges and inside faucet holes with Luxury Oil.



Use top-quality Silicone at sinks, joints, gaps at walls, etc. Never use construction adhesive with wood tops. We do not recommend using Silicone in lieu of install fasteners.


AttachmentInstall must allow for expansion and contraction across the grain (front-to-back) to prevent cracking. Pilot-drill the worktop. Drill oversize or slotted holes in cabinet rails, corner-blocks and supports. Attach worktop with screws and large washers to allow install screws to move with expansion.
If cabinets have solid tops, use spacers or make large cutouts for air circulation to underside of worktop.


Dry Climate

For best results in dry Rocky Mountain or northern climates, acclimatize 48 hours. Install 1/8”- thick spacers between cabinets and countertop to permit air circulation to both sides of the countertop.


Thermal Barrier

Peel-and-stick micropermeable Thermal Barrier is required at dishwashers, cooktops and most u/c appliances. This product is available from Café Countertops.

Clean & Protect

  • Keep surface free from water for 7 days. Wipe with dry cloth only. Wood may scratch and dent even with a protective cover, and this cover may “imprint” the finish. It’s best to prevent any contact whatsoever until construction is complete.
  • Except for spot-repairs, and to seal cut edges, do not oil at time of installation. See ‘Care Instructions’.


  • Scratches can usually be spot repaired. See ‘Care Instructions’.
  • Winter-cracks, or “checks” are hairline cracks at ends caused by low indoor humidity. These are not a defect, and close naturally in warmer weather. See ‘Care Instructions’.
  • Larger cracks, warping and finish blemishes are almost always caused by improper installation or care, and can usually be fixed. Contact for detailed instructions.

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