CaféCountertops™ began with one family’s desire to find the perfect material for building custom countertops.

With generations of experience in fabricating premium-quality wood and metal kitchen components and millwork, the family wanted to find a material that would both perform outstandingly well and also offer something fresh and unique to kitchen designers across North America. In studying kitchens of their ancestral home in Switzerland and Northern Europe, they found the perfect solution— solid wood.

Wood had been the preferred material in distinctive European kitchens for over half a century. The family recognized the outstanding benefits of this durable and sustainable resource, with its blend of beauty, utility, and natural harmony.

With the need to obtain superior quality countertop stock, methods of solid wood fabrication used throughout the world were carefully researched. The family chose to import their materials from Northern Europe, a region recognized internationally for its exceptional wood craftsmanship. With a steady supply of superior material ensured, CafeCountertops™ was born, and a void in the North American market for high-end and food-prep-safe solid wood countertops was immediately filled. Kitchen and bath designers throughout the continent quickly warmed to this beautiful new material. Today, CafeCountertops centers production in our USA production facility, as well as additional locations in Europe, the Caribbean and New Zealand.

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