Order Procedure

1. Email or Fax quote request

• Use CaféCountertops quote request form or send your own drawing/sketch to sales@cafecountertops.com or fax to (865)219-6128.
• If first time inquiry, please also include Dealer Application.
• If additional information is needed in order to complete the quote, a CaféCountertops representative will contact you.
• A detailed quote, including packaging and shipping, will be returned to you as soon as possible.

2. Order product

• Sign quote and return with 50% deposit.
• Any changes to orders must be provided in writing.
• 50% deposit is required before any work is performed (refer to terms & conditions).
• Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are acceptable payment methods.
• CaféCountertops® will provide you with a confirming CAD drawing prior to production.

3. Order completion

• Standard fabrication time for stock species is 2 to 4 weeks from order confirmation. This time can vary seasonally.
• A CaféCountertops representative will contact you when your order is complete and ready to ship.

The remaining 50% is required at this time.

4. Receipt of product

• Upon receipt, please thoroughly inspect crate for damage (see page 24).
• If any damages are present, inform the driver immediately and note on delivery receipt.
• Call CaféCountertops immediately at (866) 449-2233 to report any issues.

5. Complete full inspection within 24 hours

• In case of concealed damage, contact CaféCountertops immediately upon discovery.
• Customer is responsible for filing any concealed damage freight claims.
• Please be advised that if you do not thoroughly inspect shipment, both for obvious damage on receipt, and also concealed damage within 24 hours of delivery, and if you do not retain the original packaging, the freight carrier is entitled to deny your claim.


Signed quote, deposit and approved CAD drawing must be received prior to production.


All countertops are hand-finished by our craftsmen, who conduct an extremely detailed inspection prior to personally hand-packing the product for shipment. Concealed damage prior to shipment is virtually impossible.

Countertops are sturdily packaged for shipment, most in custom-built heavy-duty wooden crates. Packaging is engineered so that it is impossible for fasteners to contact the countertop in normal handling.

Avoid extra charges: Changes to shipments while in transit, such as requests to change the delivery address, to reschedule delivery, or to request a call before delivery usually result in expensive surcharges from the freight carrier, and often lead to delays.

Most products ship by motor freight. Be prepared! Unloading and inside delivery are not included. The truck driver’s responsibility ends at the tailgate of his truck. Crated countertops weigh approximately 10 pounds per square foot.

Residential delivery requires a $95.00 fee from the freight line and a delay in shipment. Additional fees apply for construction jobsites. The site must be accessible by freight trucks. As with standard freight, unloading is not included. Some dealers prefer to avoid this difficulty by having products shipped to a local moving service, who can provide greater flexibility and inside delivery.

The delivery driver will ask you to sign a delivery receipt. It is very important that you thoroughly inspect the shipment prior to signing this receipt. You must note any damage on this receipt. All crates are built in this manner shown in the photo at left. If any of this packaging is damaged or missing and the driver will not allow you to open the crate for inspection, note “Damaged packaging, possible concealed damage”. Your legal rights to compensation for damage are greatly reduced if you do not note damage at time of delivery.

Installation and Care Instructions are included in the Care Kit which ships free with every order. Countertops must be acclimatized prior to installation per Installation Instructions, with airflow to top and bottom. This is important to prevent warping.