CafeCountertops stands behind our products with a conditional


against defects in quality and workmanship.



• This warranty is limited to standard solid wood countertop products in residential applications, for the life of the original purchaser (homeowner) in residence at the original address of installation. Warranty for products installed in non-residential applications is limited to lifetime guarantee of glue seams.

• Unfinished products are excluded from this warranty.

• CafeCountertops’ Planning Guide, Installation Instructions and Care Instructions are direct extensions of the Conditions of our Warranty. Damage or defect as a result of any party’s failure to comply with the full instructions contained within these Guides is considered negligence and not grounds for complaint.
As noted in these Guides, the following are excluded from warranty:
Cutout locations not in compliance with factory specifications (minimum 10 inch setback from worktop ends); wood worktops not shielded from dishwashers and other moisture/heat sources by thermal barrier; improper acclimatization, support, installation, maintenance or ongoing climate control; damage or defects as a result of negligence, misuse, or normal wear and tear; small cracks (’checks’) as a natural action of wood in response to climate change; normal wear of wood finishes over time; and distortion or cracking at miter/angle joints as a result of seasonal expansion (90-degree joints recommended).

• Outdoor warranty – Products made from Teak and Iroko which are installed in a sheltered outdoor area and kept free from standing water are warranted against major glue joint failure only. Color change should be expected and quarterly re-oiling is recommended. Products fully exposed to sun and rain are not warranted, and significant color change should be expected.

• Variations in wood color and grain patterns are natural features and not defects CafeCountertops’ liability is limited to the value of dealer’s purchase price of the original product. CafeCountertops reserves the right to repair the product on-site with factory or subcontract craftsmen, or to require return shipment to our factory for repair or replacement, or to refund all or some of the original purchase price. Expenses associated with dismounting, packaging, temporary surfaces and re-installation are excluded. Warranty claims must be in writing, with photographic proof.