Wide-Plank, End-Grain tops now available

Wide-Plank, End-Grain tops now available

Wenge end-grain wood countertop with sink by CafeCountertops 74807

Looking for Wide-Plank Black Walnut? CafeCountertops introduces Continuous-Stave, Wide-Plank and End-Grain construction options in response to growing homeowner and architectural demand. Although our flagship-Euro-Star product remains unmatched in value and durability, these premium options are also top performers.

Continuous-Stave, Wide-Plank and End-Grain products are entirely handcrafted from lumber in our factory. Not all woods are readily available in these construction options. Black Walnut, Black Cherry and Sapele Mahogany are most readily available, as are USA Hard Maple and Natural Maple, two woods that aren’t a part of our standard Café line. Most of the other woods in our standard Café line are available in these construction options at longer lead times. Dark Chocolate Beech is not available in continuous-stave, wide plank, or end-grain options.

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