Green Thinking.

Create stunning kitchens and bath designs with a clear environmental conscience using CaféCountertops. Environmental and social consciousness isn’t a trend in Europe; it’s a way of life. CafeCountertops sources wood from sustainably-managed forests. Our unique ‘Euro-Star’ construction makes use of shorter lengths of lumber that would be otherwise discarded as waste (pre-indus-trial recycling). Our Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish is solvent-free, VOC2010-Compliant and EN71-3 Certified (Food- and Toy-safe).

Our kind of “green” is real and practical. We focus on waste reduction. We do not offer endangered or protected wood species. We personally inspect our suppliers and verify that our entire supply chain provides fair working conditions for all. We do not offer bamboo, which is a grass suspended in a chemical resin. We offer reclaimed wood by special order, but please consider that old barns and factories are hardly food-safe environments.

Why we love our CafeCountertops

What people say about CafeCountertops
  • “We love our kitchen and especially the beautiful counter top on our island. I oil it regularly so it still looks gorgeous after 7 years of hard use.”
    Leslie M.
    Chicago, IL
  • “We’re still enjoying our island top so very much! It’s always the topic of conversation when we have people over.”
    Elisa H.
    Miami, FL
  • “If I were to do another kitchen remodel, I would most definitely use wood for the countertops. My wood countertops are very durable.”
    Jonathon V.
    Dallas, TX
  • “The wood countertop in our wet bar still looks brand new, like the day it was installed; and we do quite a lot of entertaining.”
    Alexis P.
    San Francisco, CA


CaféCountertops™ began with one family’s desire to find the perfect material for building custom countertops.

With generations of experience in fabricating premium-quality wood and metal kitchen components and millwork, the family wanted to find a material that would both perform outstandingly well and also offer something fresh and unique to kitchen designers across North America. In studying kitchens of their ancestral home in Switzerland and Northern Europe, they found the perfect solution— solid wood