April 15, 2021

CafeCountertops donates 1000 gallons of hand sanitizer to Covenant

March 20, 2020

NEW Superfast Hidden Wireless Phone Charger

NEW Superfast Hidden Wireless Phone Charger Hidden in plain sight, underneath the countertop. 15 watts of Qi-technology charging will recharge your Apple or Samsung devices quickly […]
May 1, 2017

CafeCountertops introduces Smoked Oak

YUM! Brands®, the holder of such well-known names as KFC®, Pepsi® and Taco Bell®, recently commissioned and received a quantity of custom-fabricated enormous dining tables for […]
September 10, 2016
Wenge end-grain wood countertop with sink by CafeCountertops 74807

Wide-Plank, End-Grain tops now available

Looking for Wide-Plank Black Walnut? CafeCountertops introduces Continuous-Stave, Wide-Plank and End-Grain construction options in response to growing homeowner and architectural demand. Although our flagship-Euro-Star product remains […]

COVID-19: Disinfecting your wood countertop

Please use only the correct products and practices when disinfecting your wood countertop, or you might ruin the finish.

CafeCountertops has done extensive testing to confirm what our tech experts had already advised. Firstly, your wood countertop is a lean, mean bacteria-chomping machine in its own right. The only cleaning method we can officially recommend is to wash your countertop once a week with our Gentle Wood Wash (available on Amazon). This ph-neutral soap will clean the top properly without harming the finish.

If you must use a disinfectant, we can’t guarantee you won’t harm your finish, but our testing did reveal certain best practices. Spray disinfectants such as Lysol and Microban are preferable to harsh cleaners. MODERATION is key. Lightly spray the surface, wait only the absolute minimum recommended time for disinfection (typically 30 seconds), then rinse the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth, then dry with a towel. Wait a minimum of one week between treatments.